On rainy days

Ready for sunshine and warm breezes, gray skies not cheering me up at all. With all the happy songs written about sunshine, can you think of any happy songs about cloudy, rainy days? I googled it! There are dozens of happy sunshine songs and only a handful of happy rain songs. At least 3 of those are suspect. “Pennies from Heaven” sounds happy, but it is not really talking about happy rain, it is referring to pennies falling and turning them into something good. “Listen to the Rhythm of the Falling Rain” is for reminding me of the fool I’ve been. “Raindrops Keep Fallin’ on my Head” is about talking to the sun.

I understand pennies falling and I can use those. I already know about the times I have been a fool and need no reminder. If I was playing in the rain with Paul Newman and Robert Redford and B.J. Thomas singing in the background, I might could be happy just talking to the sun without seeing it.

From my early teen years, to mid forties, sun worshipping was part of my daily devotion. I could not wait for Spring and sunshine to come, always ready with my suntan lotion, bathing suit and towels. Getting a tanned body early on was most important so I could be assured of looking fabulous in shorts or sundresses and the anticipated trip to a beach where I could show off my carefully acquired skintone. Of course, there was the occasional day of over cooking, uncomfortable days of recovery and the shedding of skin.

Although I still enjoy sitting in the sun, working in the garden and going to the beach on occasion, I now cover as much of my skin as possible, wear hats and use SPF 30 sunscreen. The sun is still my friend, but, just as with some human friendships, I have been left with reminders of those sun worshipping days with some unpleasant memories and, specifically from my relationship with the sun, brown spots and occasional bumps or moles for the doctor to see.

Hopefully, with age comes understanding. I still love the sun and it makes me happy. I understand that the rain is necessary for everything to thrive and grow and I really think someone needs to write more songs about being grateful during the rainy days.

On being the best

In our culture, much of our time is spent “besting” others. You know what I mean–having the best business, wearing the best clothes, having the best car, having the best hair. We must look our best, be on our best behavior, put our best foot forward and on, on and on. I do not disagree with the idea of wanting to be the best or putting all of our bests forward. I do believe, however, that growing older is giving me the opportunity to appreciate all the bests in others.

For me, having the best hair was not an option. At least, not an option for me until I came to the conclusion that to have the best hair, I needed to buy it. And buy it I did. I had great hair–the best hair. About a year ago, I decided to let my own hair grow out and see what was under all this gorgeous store bought hair. Lo and behold, I actually had hair under there and it is curly hair! It had been 25 years since I even gave my real hair a chance, and, over that time, it curled itself!!

Now, I have the best hair!! Perhaps not the best in thick. Certainly not the dark rich brown it used to be. Now it is gray, white and a tiny bit of dark brown. But it is all mine! It loves the wind, it just dries on its own without much styling. Stand me next to the woman with fabulous thick and straight “model” hair and, as it turns out, I am perfectly fine with that. I can honestly say, without jealousy “You have the best hair”. For me, the hair I have is the best for me. That is all that really matters when it comes to being the best, don’t you think? To know that we can get to the best for us as individuals whether it is with business goals, personal goals, possessions, relationships, appearances……………or hair!

I am learning to accept my own best, without tiresomely comparing myself with others. I think, that part of growing older and becoming spry–is learning that things don’t always turn out the way you expect and that seeing the best and acknowledging the best in others is the absolute best I can hope for. At this, I wish to be the best.

On language skills

I am a reader. A reader of books, of magazines, of newspapers, of the dictionary, of tomato soup labels. If it is in front of me and has writing on it, I read it. I have loved words as long as I can remember. Growing older, my love for words has not changed, but the ability to pull them out of my brain at exactly the moment I need them has. You know those moments. When a quick response is required. A quip to put some upstart in their place or descriptive words to define a moment. Perhaps this difficulty has always been there and I am just noticing it more. This morning is a perfect example. The word was “subterfuge”. Perfectly fine word and exactly what I needed at the moment. One hour later, I have the word but no need to use it. Too late!

Now, if I could just remember how to pronounce it……………

So, new to the blog game!!

When I was young, I never thought about the day when I would progress to “older”!! I put off this designation as long as possible, but I think I can no longer avoid being in this category. This realization began for me when, being approached by a thirty something woman, I received what she believed was a compliment. Living in a small town, I walk most everywhere. She has seen me many times on my excursions to the grocery store, the post office or just out for a healthy walk. She remarked about seeing me out and about and complimented me for being so spry. My first impulse was to ask her to step outside, but I was too stunned by this comment to respond with anything.

As a business owner and someone who has always been active, I began to think about this word. Obviously, this was weeks ago and I am still stuck on the word “spry”. Now, the words energetic, healthy, active, quirky, funny and many more, would not have bothered me. But spry kind of did me in. I am thinking perhaps on my 100th birthday, this would be a compliment. Not sure, but maybe. The young woman truly meant it as a compliment and, after a few weeks of pondering, I accept it as that without rancor. But it made me start to think about myself and aging. I am certainly not going the other way, so thought it would be interesting and fun to create a blog about becoming spry.

Please join me on my journey into the unknown.