On being the best

In our culture, much of our time is spent “besting” others. You know what I mean–having the best business, wearing the best clothes, having the best car, having the best hair. We must look our best, be on our best behavior, put our best foot forward and on, on and on. I do not disagree with the idea of wanting to be the best or putting all of our bests forward. I do believe, however, that growing older is giving me the opportunity to appreciate all the bests in others.

For me, having the best hair was not an option. At least, not an option for me until I came to the conclusion that to have the best hair, I needed to buy it. And buy it I did. I had great hair–the best hair. About a year ago, I decided to let my own hair grow out and see what was under all this gorgeous store bought hair. Lo and behold, I actually had hair under there and it is curly hair! It had been 25 years since I even gave my real hair a chance, and, over that time, it curled itself!!

Now, I have the best hair!! Perhaps not the best in thick. Certainly not the dark rich brown it used to be. Now it is gray, white and a tiny bit of dark brown. But it is all mine! It loves the wind, it just dries on its own without much styling. Stand me next to the woman with fabulous thick and straight “model” hair and, as it turns out, I am perfectly fine with that. I can honestly say, without jealousy “You have the best hair”. For me, the hair I have is the best for me. That is all that really matters when it comes to being the best, don’t you think? To know that we can get to the best for us as individuals whether it is with business goals, personal goals, possessions, relationships, appearances……………or hair!

I am learning to accept my own best, without tiresomely comparing myself with others. I think, that part of growing older and becoming spry–is learning that things don’t always turn out the way you expect and that seeing the best and acknowledging the best in others is the absolute best I can hope for. At this, I wish to be the best.

5 thoughts on “On being the best

  1. I’m With You!! I do my best most of the time…but sometimes that just takes too much effort. So I’m willing to settle for whatever I have the energy for. I am getting comfortable with myself.

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