on spry

So, new to the blog game!!

When I was young, I never thought about the day when I would progress to “older”!! I put off this designation as long as possible, but I think I can no longer avoid being in this category. This realization began for me when, being approached by a thirty something woman, I received what she believed was a compliment. Living in a small town, I walk most everywhere. She has seen me many times on my excursions to the grocery store, the post office or just out for a healthy walk. She remarked about seeing me out and about and complimented me for being so spry. My first impulse was to ask her to step outside, but I was too stunned by this comment to respond with anything.

As a business owner and someone who has always been active, I began to think about this word. Obviously, this was weeks ago and I am still stuck on the word “spry”. Now, the words energetic, healthy, active, quirky, funny and many more, would not have bothered me. But spry kind of did me in. I am thinking perhaps on my 100th birthday, this would be a compliment. Not sure, but maybe. The young woman truly meant it as a compliment and, after a few weeks of pondering, I accept it as that without rancor. But it made me start to think about myself and aging. I am certainly not going the other way, so thought it would be interesting and fun to create a blog about becoming spry.

Please join me on my journey into the unknown.

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